19.11.2016 - spotkanie z Magdaleną Petryniak – prezes Story Seekers® Polska, właścicielką Grupy SAPR.
17.12.2016 - spotkanie wigilijne w klubie KSB Alumni MBA.



Guest Lecture:

Communicate to influence

The power of story and emotional connection in influencing people:
customers, employees, partners



Story Seekers® Poland

Magdalena is a manager with many years of experience in management. She is a consultant, trainer and a managing partner of Story Seekers® Poland, global sales and communication methodology. She has been working with leaders and salespeople, especially in technology and cybersecurity sectors, running workshops in many countries including USA, Singapore, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Poland. She has implemented over 50 marketing and communication campaigns for companies and institutions, coordinated a lobbying campaign, that has resulted in a change of legislation. For 3 years, she was head of special programmes and conferences at Harvard Business Review Polska, organizing more than 40 conferences with international speakers. She has graduated from the University of Economics in Kraków, Krakow School of Business, the Leadership Programme at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in USA and the Academy of Innovations of ICAN Institute. She is actively involved in social projects.


The program includes topics:

1. Brain science: How people make (buying) decisions

2. Why Story?: The Empathy Trigger

3. The Story Arc and Elements of a Story

4. Different types of stories in leaders/managers/salespeople portfolio

  • The founder’s story explaining the idea, the vision and the cause (why we do what we do)

  • The current leader's story explaining the idea, the vision and the cause

  • The organization story (what is our present strategy and mission, where do we aim)

  • The brand story (what values do we represent and needs fulfill)

  • Employees’ stories showing great organizational culture

  • Clients’ stories showing how we help our clients to grow and outperform

  • Leaders’ stories showing real, authentic people behind the wheels of the organization and creating human connection

  • And many more

5. Principles of inspiring leadership communication

Christmas Meeting in CSB Alumni MBA Club,
with Carols concert by Dominanta Choir and Christmas wishes.


17th of December 2016, 4.00 p.m

Classroom 13, Building G, Campus CUE
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