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International MBA Congress

International MBA Congress is an event addressed to the top-level management – students, graduates, management and faculty of particular MBA programs in Poland as well as future participants of MBA programs. Its main idea is to integrate defferent circles of people whose career paths are connected with MBA Studies. It is also an opportunity for an extraordinary meeting of the worlds of science and business.

MBA Congress is an effort to build an active platform for cooperating, exchanging experiences, broadening knowledge and horizons of management. The content-related aspect of the event is extremely important, as it is realized through an appropriate selection of topics in particular panels and through an invitation of the specialists in both the scientific and business fields. Participants in discussion panels share their experiences and learn how experts from the world of science and business deal with similar problems.

Besides exploring theoretical and practical issues of management, pursuing the MBA studies can be characterized by the possibility of integrating the managerial environment. Interpersonal contacts constitute an important element of success in business, hence apart from lectures, discussion panels and study visits in the largest companies of the Malopolska Region, the participants will meet at the gala ceremony combined with a charity auction. On the last day of the Congress there is a golf event for the Cup of the Director of CSB CUE.

International MBA Congress has many years of tradition and its organization is an example of integrated activities aiming at, on the one hand, education and integration of the MBA environment, and on the other hand, an active shaping of the Polish economy, business environment for companies and entrepreneurship development, setting new trends and promoting good practice in business. The CSB Alumni MBA Club, which functions at the School, is a continuation of this idea. Cracow School of Business at the Cracow University of Economics aims at making the annual congress meetings an important item on the agenda of every MBA manager.

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