Postgraduate Studies in Management + Accredited Training


Postgraduate Studies in Management + Accredited Training

Corporate Management MSP® Foundation

Integrated Corporate Management is the field of studies that will provide students with the knowledge and skills of strategic and operational management, managing strategic changes in a company and how to build an organization that is oriented towards, and adjusted to, fast, flexible and efficient changes. The students learn how to build the Strategic Program of an organization based on strategic projects and how the management of the organization should manage the group of strategic projects. In a practical way they will learn how to create temporary and permanent structures supporting the change management in the organization, including the structures based on proven P3O models (Program, Portfolio and Project Office). The part of the study is the accredited MSP® course completed with an international certification of MSP® Foundation.

Change Management®

The students majoring in Change Management® acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the essence of change, its mechanisms and practical ways to manage and deal with the problems that each change generates. In particular, students learn and understand what processes take place in change at the personal and strategic level. Managing an organization at the strategic level requires knowledge of change implementation processes, including the change definition, planning of change implementation, team building that is responsible for the change, the communication plan and planning and response to emergencies. As part of the study the Change Management® accredited training will also be held at the Foundation level which shall terminate with a certifying examination.

Project Management PRINCE2®Foundation

Project Management is the field of study which is relevant to the needs of employees performing tasks that require integration of multiplayer teams often comprised of various professional specializations. Participation in the studies will allow the students to extend or acquire the skills required in the implementation of organizational projects, in particular those related to the use of methods, techniques and tools necessary to plan and implement projects, create project teams, determine appropriate channels of communication, and play relevant roles, including the role of a leader. As part of the study the PRINCE2 ® accredited training will be held at the Foundation level, which shall terminate with a certifying examination. 



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