Study Trip Poland

Study Trip Poland in southern regions of Poland is the integral part of both Executive MBA Program and International MBA Program.

The Trip combines seminar about the practical aspects of international business realities 'Developing intercultural intelligence for international negotiations' by Prof. Michel Pote, workshops and networking aspects of joined out-of-campus session.

Someone once said that one of the top values of the Executive MBA Programs are the people and the exchange of experiences. Thanks to CSB CUE, we could see how true these words are. During the courses  we had the opportunity to learn about the behavior and stereotypes of different cultures, it surely wil be in our memory for a long time. Professor Poté has provided us with a great time to develop our intercultural skills. Together with the International MBA group, we had the opportunity to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of different cultures, play scenes, discuss case studies prepared earlier, think about how to deal with particular situations, and above all, be able to apply selected practices later in the course of joint integration. They were very valuable classes in a wonderful atmosphere and we are happy that we could be a part of them.

Katarzyna Witko
24th edition of Executive MBA Program



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