Executive MBA Program, I can, without doubt, say it's a very good decision and the right choice on my career path. From the several years perspective, I can see that my involvement in the studies has a significant impact on the quality of decisions, actions, and projects that I make today.

Managing an important sales department in the Polish market-leading company, I design strategies and feel responsible for creating trends in the sector. Business is the continuous, dynamic changes, technologies and adaptation to the expectations of customers and employees. In all of these areas, the Executive MBA Program at Cracow School of Business proved to be a great support, which in my case became not only a platform for contact and exchange of knowledge with a very interesting group of people but also a source of many inspirations.

The Executive MBA Program is an excellent source of information about new management trends, which are passed by experienced business leaders from Poland and from the world. Anyone who wants to update and expand knowledge, improve their qualifications, which is rather a standard nowadays, should seriously consider the possibilities that really give us these studies.

Importantly, to start the studies it is never too early and never too late. For many people, this is a key decision on the way to promotion, and for those already firmly embedded in the company structure, it is a way to update their base knowledge, and thus increase professional activity, greater creativity, and openness to innovation.

It is important to adopt a strategy: always one step ahead.
I salute all graduates and I wish the future MBA students only positive changes in their lives.


  Agnieszka Starzyk
CEO Romet Motors
Arkus & Romet Group
Alumnus of the 18th edition of the Executive MBA Program



When I started the Executive MBA program at the Cracow School of Business CUE, I did not realize the full added value that these studies give. I chose carefully, read the papers and rankings and it seemed to me that I understood what I would gain: knowledge and diploma of the prestigious business school. However, I must admit that the Executive MBA program at CSB CUE offers much more.

First of all, it is networking with managers with rich knowledge and experience from various industries. It allows you to approach the challenges we face from completely new, interesting perspectives. What's more, many of the people I met during the studies became my business partners and, more importantly, friends I can depend on when I need advice or support in unknown fields.

Another advantage of the Executive MBA is the revision in the approach to professional and private life. Somewhere between courses, learning and discussions among my CSB CUE colleagues, my way of acting and perceiving the world has evolved towards a much more effective approach to the goals that I set for myself and the effectiveness of their implementation.

Simply put, I could say that the studies gave me incredible energy... to develop and improve my life – professional and private!


  Łukasz Niedzwiedzki
Senior Product Owner/Chapter Lead
ING Tech Poland
Alumnus of the 19th edition of the Executive MBA Program



The Executive MBA Program made me look at the various areas of company management much more widely. The Program inspired me to think and analyze everyday business situations and strategic activities from different perspectives. The Executive MBA Program not only allowed me to acquire crosssectional knowledge of management, finance, HR or marketing, but also provided the platform of experience exchange with other participants. Due to the CSB's cooperation with many foreign universities, I could confront my skills and business practice with European, US and Asian standards. This in turn proved to be a valuable element of expanding knowledge of work within the intercultural environment projects and it has become extremely useful during international cooperation and trade negotiations.

I could list many factors that contributed to the synergy effect after graduating from the MBA. However, the most important of them are my colleagues from the group who, representing various industries and areas of business activity, sharing interesting experiences and opinions – regularly inspired me to think creatively, to multi-dimensional analysis and to seef for alternative solutions. The knowledge acquired during the course has been intensified through the diversified views of all students on the raised issues. Due to the great interactions within the group, we have created invaluable networking, which has already resulted in interesting business contacts, cooperation and mutual help.

These studies have become the wind that pushes me forward, and the acquired knowledge and contacts have shown me how to set the sail to flow even faster.


  Edyta Jaworska
Board Member
Selvita S.A.
Alumnus of the 20th edition of Executive MBA Program



I believe that the Study Trip France as an integral part of the Executive MBA Program is an excellent opportunity to expand your business knowledge. We could experience new, interesting things, both professional and cultural, which will remain in our memory for a long time. Integration is also an important factor – during the trip, we were able to get to know each other better what will definitely translate into building modern networking.


  Gabriel Połącarz
Synthos S.A.
Alumnus of the 23rd edition of Executive MBA Program



Someone once said that one of the top values of the Executive MBA Programs are the people and the exchange of experiences. Thanks to CSB CUE, we could see how true these words are. During the courses  we had the opportunity to learn about the behavior and stereotypes of different cultures, it surely wil be in our memory for a long time. Professor Poté has provided us with a great time to develop our intercultural skills. Together with the International MBA group, we had the opportunity to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of different cultures, play scenes, discuss case studies prepared earlier, think about how to deal with particular situations, and above all, be able to apply selected practices later in the course of joint integration. They were very valuable classes in a wonderful atmosphere and we are happy that we could be a part of them.



Katarzyna Witko
HeadChannel Sp. z o. o.
PMO Manager
Student of the 24th edition of Executive MBA Program



Prof. Maria de Fátima Carioca
Dean of the AESE Business School, Portugal


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