The participation in the International MBA Program was my personal project. After two years of studies I know that it was a successful investment. My career develops in the assumed direction, and the knowledge gained becomes more and more useful even after the graduation. I have repeatedly returned to the course teaching materials. MBA studies are also valuable in business and personal contacts. It is worth nurturing them, for example by participating in the annual International MBA Congress.



Marek Pawlak

Alumnus of the 7th edition of the International MBA Program


Looking back at myself, a little over 12 years just after my graduation from university, I do remember myself badly wanting to enroll in an MBA study. I also remember very well where my desire came from. It was driven by how I looked up to the businessmen I knew. They all were so wise, charming and above all well considered. They all had another commonality, they had obtained an MBA diploma. A little later, 5 years into my professional career, I had made up my mind and was about to start my own MBA journey. Simultaneously however I could take a serious step in my career. An irrefutable offer and at the same time a rain check for my MBA plans.

2 years ago, I was ready again to make the huge time investment an MBA is. Loaded with additional knowledge and experience, I decided to take on the IMBA at the Cracow School of Business, organized in close cooperation with St. Gallen Business School. I couldn’t have been happier of my timing and location choice. Looking in retrospect, having built 10 years of business experience helped me during classes and peer discussions to deeply learn more on and refine my personal application of business processes, methodologies and strategies. Although there is no specific course of the program which I valued lesser than another, I did particularly and strongly develop myself through program elements like Integrated Management, Leadership, Intercultural Negotiations and Self-Management. The lecturers all were highly engaged and inspiring and the insights they provided do make me a better manager, leader and person. I can today confidently state that I have both clearer personal as well as business goals, including the needed strategies to achieve them.

I personally also enjoyed the diverse group, including multiple nationalities with diverse business backgrounds. This fostered all discussions during and outside of class. Also, the diverse backgrounds of the lecturers, thanks to the collaboration with St. Gallen Business School, bringing in a mix of Swiss, Polish, French and German experts in their respective fields, are one of the reasons why I sincerely recommend this particular IMBA program.

Last but not least, the city of Cracow is a beautiful and lively city which I truly learned to appreciate during my studies. I had visited the city before but didn’t experienced it in the same way as I did during the past 2 years. Without willing to be melancholic, I do feel that the city provided an exceptional motivating and inspiring environment during the course of the program. As you might already know, International MBA program requires a significant personal time investment, with most of your free time flowing to your studies. This is time you spend on your own and together with your classmates working on assignments, projects and your final dissertation. Being able to spend that time in hundreds of restaurants and beautiful and relaxing locations in the city of Cracow does help to keep you on track and self-motivated.

I hope you will enjoy the program as much as I did and I do wish you good luck!



Thomas Kauffmann

Mondelez International

Enterprise Transportation Capability Lead

Student of the 13th edition of the International MBA Program


Piotr Sedlak, Ph.D.
International MBA Program Supervisor


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