St. Gallen Management Seminar

The St. Gallen Management Seminar is designed for managerial staff at middle and upper levels wishing to prepare themselves for a more challenging role in an international environment. The seminar is organized by Cracow School of Business CUE and St. Gallen Business School and is based on the internationally well-established Swiss St. Gallen Management Concept, designed by Prof. Dr Dres. h.c. Knut Bleicher, former president of the advisory board of St. Gallen Business School, honory doctor of Cracow University of Economics.

The sought-after trainers from St. Gallen Business School are proven and highly skilled specialists in the development and implementation of strategies and concepts – Christian Muntwiler, M.A. HSG and Daniel Gfeller, lic.rer.pol. Beside management consulting activities they are active as fixed-term and turn around managers for international companies.



Interesting seminar taught by teachers, who combined theory with practical knowledge.
It significantly raised the usefulness of the seminar in everyday work.

Anna Długosz
Secretary of Michalowice Municipality
Participant of St. Gallen Management Seminar 2016



The program

The seminar is conducted fully in English and lasts 3 days en bloc (Thursday – Saturday):

  • Strategy & Marketing (day 1&2)

  • Financial Management (day 3)

Course duration: 21 hours

Strategic Analyses

  • The St. Gallen Management Approaches a holistic framework in strategic management
  • Basic Analyses: What questions do we have to ask?
  • The strategy funnel: How to avoid paralysis through analysis
  • Today’s market positions and their influence for on own strategy
  • Determine the right adjusting levers for company success and sustainability


Developing Successful Strategies

  • How effective strategies are developed
  • Thinking in alternatives and scenarios
  • Good and bad strategies: Learning from the best
  • Structure follows strategy


Building an Effective Marketing Mix

  • From initial idea to cash cow products: management strategies for product development
  • Developing leading brands
  • Marketing to target groups: How to segment markets?
  • Tools for operating an active product range
  • Communication concepts
  • Pricing and terms management


Customer Satisfaction as Main Goal

  • Service management and customer satisfaction: How to use relationship marketing
  • The customer need as a basis for future performance
  • Building up unique selling proposition
  • How to communicate satisfaction


Financial management

  • Financial parameters and how they model company results
  • The paradigm of linked sales/volume, profit and costs
  • Reconciling liquidity, profitability and risk goals
  • Balance, profit/loss statement
  • Break-even analysis
  • Capital flow statement, cash flow
  • How to justify an investment proposal
  • Return on capital investment (ROI/ROCE)
  • Make-or-Buy, Insourcing/Outsourcing


Cash management, financial engineering, shareholder value management

  • Liquidity management
  • The right mix of financial instruments
  • Financing rules
  • The shareholder value concept



  • Key figures for controlling, key performance indicators KPI
  • Efficient and effective controlling systems
  • Structure of an MIS and early-warning system
  • Understanding a controlling report

Daniel Gfeller, lic. rer. pol.
Director SGBS (Business Simulation and Int. Programms)

Christian Muntwiler, M. A. HSG
Executive Director ISP and doctoral student, University of St. Gallen

The sought-after trainers from St. Gallen Business School are highly skilled specialists in development and implementation of strategies and concepts – Christian Muntwiler, M. A. HSG and Daniel Gfeller, lic. rer. pol. Beside management consulting activities they are active as fixed-term managers for international companies.

Seminar Fee: 1550 €

The fee includes: a certificate of participation in seminar issued by St. Gallen Business School and Cracow School of Business CUE, all required texts and materials for seminar, as well as three lunches, refreshments and parking on the CUE campus. Accommodation and meals other than specified are not included.

Payment of seminar fee is due at least 1 week, before the beginning of the Seminar.


Payment should be done on bank account:

Alior Bank SA
PL 59 2490 0005 0000 4600 1886 2857

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