CSB Alumni MBA Club

The CSB Alumni MBA Club gathers our MBA participants and graduates

The CSB Alumni MBA Club was established in 2005. One of the goals of the MBA studies is to create and integrate the networking platform of business professionals within the Club: our MBA graduates and current participants. Active participation of the Club contributes to the integration of the business environment, exchange of experiences and building an active cooperation platform.



Diversity is enriching, and a multilateral approach to the business based on reliable knowledge can only bring an increase in the level of understanding of often difficult economic issues. I think that hearing from the business professionals of companies, learn how they coped, especially in difficult situations, is extremely important. The necessity to make many decisions in conditions of uncertainty causes that one should look for the right literature, but also places and people, in order to perform the managerial duties including making difficult decisions.

Marek Rajca, MBA
Alumnus of the 8th edition of the Executive MBA Program
Silgan White Cap Polska Sp. z o.o.


The Club organizes:

  • guest lectures
  • workshops
  • out-of-campus sessions
  • business games

We are open for your suggestions!



27 Rakowicka Street, 31-510 Cracow

tel.: +48 12 293 75 53 (MBA studies)
tel.: +48 12 293 50 29 (Post-graduate studies)       
e-mail: imba@uek.krakow.pl

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