IACBE Accreditation

IACBE Accreditation

Co-financing by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the non-competition project 'Foreign accreditations' regarding the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development co-financed from the European Social Fund.

The aim of this project is for Polish institutions to gain foreign accreditations and certifications of trade committees that raise international competitiveness and support actions to increase the level of their internationalization by improving the attractiveness of the educational offer for foreign students and researchers.Financial support includes the costs of procedures for obtaining eligible foreign accreditations, which were highlighted in a special catalog of accreditation organizations. In addition, universities applying for co-financing must meet a number of specific conditions.

IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education) is a leading US accrediting institution with a global reach, focused on the business schools. The distinguishing feature of IACBE accreditation is the idea that academic quality and excellence in business education should be measured in terms of educational results obtained in relation to the adopted mission, and not by imposed norms referring only to academic resources. Emphasis on mission-related results is fundamental to the entire quality assurance process in IACBE accreditation. The accreditation is a guarantee that the institution meets international standards, has the highest quality of the offered programs and is guided by the best practices in business education. In addition, accredited institutions commit to continuously improve the quality of education as a permanent element of further functioning. Cracow School of Business is a member of IACBE (Educational Membership) from January 2018.


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