Program Organization

Program Organization

MBA CSB + Master Program lasts 2 years, 4 semesters during which classes are held. The second year of studies is devoted mainly to the practical implementation of the final thesis: Project Capstone to adress the needs of an outside company. During the studies the following courses are realized: MSPC, MBA and specialization courses. The study program covers an off-campus session – Study Trip Poland.

Number of hours: 1800 teaching hours (400 hours in class and 1 400 hours of individual project work)
Number of hours in specialization: 80 teaching hours (20 hours in class and 60 hours individual project work)
Applied language: 100% English

Forms of classes include: lectures, exercises, workshops, business case studies, presentations, team and individual projects, decision games and simulation activities, study trips, company visits.

Courses are led by one or more instructors, depending on the subject and its requirements. Emphasis is put on critical, analytical and reflective thinking, both individual and team work.

Every subject involves progress evaluation. It is conducted in multiple forms and depends on the knowledge or skills assessed. Those methods include tests, presentations, team work, individual written papers or discussion and solving case studies during class.

Weekend classes are carried out on: Fridays 3 pm – 9 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 8 am – 4 pm; around 7 meetings are arranged during a semester (the meetings are held once or twice a month).

Program price includes:

  •      Study Trip Poland*,
  •      printed teaching materials for each course,
  •      textbooks,
  •      exams,
  •      defense of the MBA thesis – Project Capstone,
  •      Learning Management System,
  •      WiFi internet access,
  •      access to Cracow University of Economics library and Clark University Goddard Library,
  •      library training,
  •      meetings with business leaders within the CSB Alumni MBA Club,
  •      coffee breaks during classes,
  •      free parking at the campus.

* The travel and accomodation costs of participation in the trip are covered by CSB CUE.


27 Rakowicka Street, 31-510 Cracow

tel.: +48 12 293 75 53 (MBA studies)
tel.: +48 12 293 50 29 (Post-graduate studies)       

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