Student Profile

Student Profile

The MBA CSB + Master Program is aimed at people aspiring to take managerial positions, as well as owners of small and medium-sized enterprises.

From candidates we require a university degree diploma, very good command of English and at least two years of professional experience. We also ask to provide three reference letters from business partners.

We seek candidates with a good orientation in the business environment, with knowledge and experience, as well as flexibility, open-minded attitude and readiness to share their experience with other program participants.

MBA studies are demanding and are meant to deliver top quality learning experience, hence the recruitement process is carefully designed and multi-staged. It is our responsibility to optimize the selection of candidates based on their education profile, length of professional experience, positions held, areas and scope of responsibilities.

Cracow School of Business takes much care in optimizing the diversity of participants within each program edition. We take into account various criteria such as partcipants’ professional backgrounds, experience, their current position within the firm, as well as the firm’s position on the market, its sector and industry. All these variables ensure a rich learning environment with access to various knowledge pools which enahnces the learning experience for program participants.

The quality of the studies depend on the program design and content, as well as on the profiles of the participants. The knowledge and experience our students bring with them into the classroom are important builing blocks of the program. They determine the quality of the discussions, teamwork and joint projects. All program participants work closely together for two years, they inspire each other and together they expand their horizons.

Constructing an open and diverse community of learners is the goal of each recruitement process at Cracow School of Business. We know that MBA studies are a business label for life.



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