Dyrektor Programu International MBA:

Monika Sady, Ph.D.

Monika Sady, Ph.D.

Director of International MBA Programme, Cracow University of Economics, Poland


  • Ph.D. diploma in Management,
  • MA in International Relations, Cracow University of Economics,
  • BA in International Business and Management Studies, Avans Hogeschool, Breda, The Netherlands,
  • Postgraduate diploma in Business Psychology, WSZiB, Cracow
  • European Consultant of Social Economy certificate

Work experience:

  • over 15 years at the Cracow University of Economics:
    • Assistant Professor in the Department of International Management
    • University Social and Environmental Development Unit Manager
    • Project manager of “CUE available to everyone” financed by the National Centre for Research and Development.
  • over 16 years as proxy in a recruitment agency
  • Project Manager and participant in Erasmus + international projects
  • Guest lecturer at AGH Technical University (Cracow, Poland), Grand Valley State University (USA), Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain), International Black Sea University (Georgia), Montpellier Business School (France).

Membership in scientific organizations and associations:

  • IMDA – International Management Development Association
  • GBATA – Global Business and Technology Association
  • PTE (Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne) – Polish Economic Society
  • PTL (Polskie Towarzystwo Logistyczne) – Polish Logistics Society
  • Polish Innovative  Association – Polska Innowacyjna
  • Member of the Council of the eRBeKa Foundation


Wykładowcy prowadzący zajęcia na studiach International MBA w Krakowskiej Szkole Biznesu UEK to doskonali specjaliści, pracownicy naukowi oraz praktycy biznesu z firm i instytucji publicznych:



Prof. Pascal Brassier Ph.D.

Prof. Pascal Brassier Ph.D.

Head Marketing-Sales Department,


BRASSIER Pascal, Dr.
Head Marketing-Sales Department,
Co-Chair Master Sales Management & Int. Business, IAE School of Management,
Clermont Auvergne University, FRANCE


4 years at UCA, 12 years Head of marketing-Sales Dept., ESC Clermont business School,
13 years in sales training and sales management positions (Michelin Group, consulting firms, etc.)
Qualified for University associate professor positions, National University Council (2013 + 2005)
Current scientific projects: (1) Doctor-Patient relationship management in the field of cancer treatment, (2) Online
communities management in B2B context, (3) Internationalization of SMEs
Partnerships: Regional cancer treatment center (research); Regional industrial cluster in high-tech and metrology
(research); National Council of Foreign Trade (research, teaching); Research associations (EMAC, AMA, AMF,
GSSI, etc.): Guest teacher in more than 10 schools (France, abroad); partners development in Europe, Asia, America.


PhD in Business Administration, 2004, Auvergne University (with jury honors)


Scientific Interests: negotiation process; international sales for SMEs; complex client relationship;
online communities in B2B client relationship
Teaching: Business negotiation, Sales management, Key account management, Social selling, Social networking
Main Publications:
- Brassier P. et Ventura J. (à paraître), La vente B2B, Vuibert.
- Ralet P. et Brassier P. (2019), « Proximité et distance perçues dans la gestion des relations médecins-patients :
Application au cas du traitement du cancer du sein », K@iros, 18 p.
- Brassier P. (2016), "De l'inconstance du style de négociation chez les jeunes commerciaux", Négociations, N°26,
2016/2, pp. 103-20
- Zeyl A., Dayan A., Brassier P. (2011), Management de la force de vente, Pearson Education, Paris, 512 p.

prof. UEK dr hab. Beata Buchelt

prof. UEK dr hab. Beata Buchelt

Cracow University of Economics, Poland

Doświadczenie zawodowe:
Adiunkt, Katedra Zarządzania Kapitałem Ludzkim UEK (2007- obecnie)
Audytor konkursu Lider Zarządzania Zasobami Ludzkimi (2002-2017), Instytut Pracy i Spraw Socjalnych
Członek Komitetu Oceniającego konkurs Lider ZZL (2017-obecnie)
Członek Academy of Management
Członek Cranfield Network, University of Cranfield, WB

Profesor nauk ekonomicznych w dziedzinie nauk o zarządzaniu
Master of Business Administration, MBA, Maastricht School of Management

Obszary zainteresowań: problematyka zarządzania efektywnością pracy employees’ performance, transformacja   biznesowych metod zarządzania do uwarunkowań organizacji sektora publicznego, budowanie wizerunku pracodawcy, rynek pracy.

Koncepcja systemu zarządzania efektywnością pracy personelu medycznego w szpitalach, Wyd. UEK, Kraków 2017
Performance Management in Polish Companies Internationalizing Their Market Activities, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2015, nr 26(15), s. 1965-1982
Sheehan M., Buchelt B. (2016), Human Resource Development in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), w: Garavan T.N., McCarthy A.M., Morley M. (red.), Global Human Resource Development:Regional and Country   Perspectives, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, New York, s. 269-288

Personal data:
Beata Buchelt, Prof. UEK dr hab..
Professional experience:
HRM Consultant,Specialized Hospital in Przemysl, Poland (2 000 employees)
Project „Human capital management in hospitals”, Polish National Science Centre (NCN) No. DEC–2013/11/B/
HS4/01062, project manager
Project „Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe (STYLE)”, European Union’s Seventh Framework
Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 613256, researcher
Auditor. Institute of Labor and Social Studies, Warsaw, Poland (2002-present)
Visiting Professor at Roosevelt University, Chicago, USA & Pforzheim University, Germany.

Dr hab. in economics in the field of management studies awarded by the Resolution of the Faculty of Economics
and International Relations at Cracow University of Economics.
PhD in management studies, Cracow University of Economics, Krakow, Poland.
Master of Business Administration, Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht, Netherlands.

Research and teaching:
Interests: performance management, international HRM, employer branding, talent management, labour market
Buchelt B. (2015), Performance Management in Polish Companies Internationalizing Their Market Activities, The International
Journal of Human Resource Management, vol. 26(15), pp. 1965-1982.
Sheehan M., Buchelt B. (2016), Human Resource Development in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), in: Garavan T.N.,
McCarthy A.M., Morley M. (ed.), Global Human Resource Development: Regional and Country Perspectives, Routledge, Taylor & Francis
Group, New York, pp. 269-288.

Anna  Curyło  MSc, MBA

Anna Curyło MSc, MBA

Payroll & HR Operations Manager - State Street, Poland


HR Operations & Payroll Director, State Street Bank International Gmbh, Poland (recently)

HR Manager – UBS Bussines Solution Center, Poland (7 years)

HR Director – Fantasy Park, Plaza Centers Europe, Poland, Czech Rep, Latvia (9 years)

HR Specialist - National Health Fund Malopolska, Poland (6 years)

HR Manager with 15 years of managerial experiences in international companies and over 20 years in HR   Teams. Participated in various HR projects in fast growing organizations.

Gained pratical experiences in operational HR processes from recruitment, through employee life cycle, payroll,   talent mgmt and employee exit. Possess very good knowledge of  labour law, tax and social security regulations.


MSc finance & banking Cracow University of Economics

Labour Law at Jagiellonian University

Executive MBA at Cracow School of Bussines


Internal training leader in corporate companies: Labour Law academy, employee time & attendance, working time rules, abseentism.

Dr Philippe J.S. De Brouwer

Dr Philippe J.S. De Brouwer

Honorary consul for Belgium in Krakow and professor at the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University and AGH University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Philippe De Brouwer leads expert teams in the service center of HSBC in Krakow, is honorary consul for Belgium in Krakow and is also a professor at the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University and AGH University of Science and Technology.

He studied theoretical physics and later acquired his second Master degree while working full time. Finishing this Master he solved the "fallacy of large numbers puzzle" that was formulated by P.A. Samuelson 38 years before and remained unsolved since then. In his Ph.D. he successfully challenged the assumptions of the noble prize winning theory of Mean-Variance of Markovitz, by creating "Maslowian Portfolio Theory"

His career brought him into insurance, banking, investment management and back to banking, while his specialization shifted from IT, data science to people management.

For Fortis (now BNP) he created one of the first capital guaranteed funds and got promoted to director in 2000. In 2002 he joined KBC, where he merged 4 companies into one and subsequently became CEO of the merged entity in 2005. Under his direction, the company climbed from number 11 to number 5 on the market while the number of competitors increased by 50%. In the aftermath of the crisis, he helped create a new asset manager for KBC in Ireland that soon accommodated the management of ca. 1000 investment funds and had about 32 Bln Euro under management. In 2012 he widened his scope by joining Risk Management and specialized in statistics and numerical methods. Later Philippe worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and specialized in Big Data, analytics and people management. In 2016 he joined HSBC, created a Centre of Excellence in Risk management in their service center in Krakow. That team controls all most important models used in the bank worldwide.

In his free time, he teaches at AGH University of Science and Technology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow and the Warsaw University. He taught many subjects like finance, behavioral economics, decision making, Big Data, bank management, structured finance, corporate banking, financial markets, financial instruments, team-building and leadership. But what stands out is his data and analytics course.

mgr Tomasz Dejtrowski

mgr Tomasz Dejtrowski

Director of Total Rewards – Poland, Jeronimo Martins Poland, Poland

Director of Human Resources, Poland (7 lat)
Total Rewards Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic (7
PwC, Senior Consultant  (6
Cracow University of Economics (13

Uniwersytet Warszawski, Prawo i Administracja

wynagradzanie (total  reward)
projektowanie i wdrażanie strategii ZZL
zarządzanie zmianą

lic. rer. pol. Daniel Gfeller

lic. rer. pol. Daniel Gfeller

Director SGBS (Business Simulation and Int. Programms)


  Daniel Gfeller,  Lic. rer. pol. / MA
  Director SGBS (Business Simulation and Int.

  Managing Director GFD Consulting GmbH

  CFO / SwissShrimp AG / Switzerland

  gfdconsul@gmail.com or daniel.gfeller@swissshrimp.ch



  Lecturer (more than 20 years) at different universities (Berne, Klagenfurt, St. Galler Business School, Cracow)

  Professional achievements: Winner of different awards

2017 – Swiss Innovation Challenge (2. Place)

2016 - Swiss Climate Award; Zurich Injurence Servises (Climate)

2016 – Jungunternehmerpreis Nordwestschweiz (Start– up)

2016 – Swiss Price for Sustainability  prix eco.ch (Ecology)

2016 – Marketing– Trophy (Marketing)

2016 – Faktor 5 Price (Sustainability)

2015 – InnoPrix der Stiftung der Baloise Bank SoBA (Innovation)

2012 – Berner Businessplan Award (Business Ideas)



  Lic. rer. pol. (University of Berne)
Specialiced in Accounting and Controlling, Financial Management)



  Interests: Financial Management, Accounting principles

  Publications: Business Planning – New projects, New Business

Dr Joanna Heidtman

Dr Joanna Heidtman

Psychologist and sociologist, business trainer, adviser, coach

Psychologist and sociologist, doctor of humanities.  She works in the Group Process Research Department at the Institute of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University. She gained knowledge and experience, among the others, at the University of South Carolina and Cornell University in the USA. Joanna Heidtman deals with experimental investigations of power and conflict. For many years she has been conducting interpersonal trainings, creative trainings and negotiation classes and techniques of working with a group courses. She is a member of the American Sociological Association (section Social Psychology) and the Association of Consultants and Management Trainers MATRIK. Her private interests are new techniques of learning and self-development.


Prof. UEK dr hab. Bartosz Kurek

Prof. UEK dr hab. Bartosz Kurek

Adiunkt w Katedrze Rachunkowości na Wydziale Zarządzania UEK

Associate professor, Department of Accounting, Cracow University of Economics, Poland

17 years of academic experience (research, teaching & tutoring)

Research stays:

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)
  • Grand Valley State University (USA)
  • Short-term teaching visits at various universities: University of Navarra (Spain), Vietnam National University (Vietnam), Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Bifrost University (Iceland), University of Montenegro (Montenegro), Corvinus University (Hungary), Paisley University (UK)

Grants received:

  • National Science Center grant OPUS 12
  • Kosciuszko Foundation grant
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education grants for research conducted by young scientists (5 times)

Awards for scientific research activity:

  • The Distinction in the VII edition of the Contest for the Prize of the President of National Bank of Poland for the best habilitation in the field of economic sciences (2020)
  • The Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in the Field of Financial Management βeta (2018)
  • Cracow University of Economics Rector’s awards for scientific research accomplishments – 9 times

International conferences attendance:

  • International Forecasting Financial Markets Conference (2019 – Italy, 2018 & 2017 – UK, 2016 & 2013 – Germany, 2015 & 2014 – France)
  • European Accounting Association Annual Congress (2010 – Turkey, 2009 – Finland, 2006 – Ireland, 2005 – Sweden)
  • International Economic Association World Congress (2005 – Morocco)


  • Doctor Habilitated – discipline: Finance, Cracow University of Economics, Poland
  • Doctor – discipline: Economics, Cracow University of Economics, Poland


  • scientific interests: equity block trades, event study methodology, accounting theory
  • teaching & tutoring interests: managerial accounting


  • Kurek Bartosz, 2017, Zawartość informacyjna transakcji pakietowych akcjami na przykładzie rynku głównego Giełdy Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie [The Information Content of Equity Block Trades on the Example of the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange], Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie, Seria Specjalna: Monografie, Nr 250, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie, Kraków, pp. 262, ISBN 978-83-7252-746-2, ISSN 1899-0428
  • Kurek Bartosz, 2016, The Information Content of Equity Block Trades on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Conventional and Bootstrap Approaches, „Journal of Forecasting”, Vol. 35, Issue 1, pp. 43-53, print ISSN: 0277-6693, online ISSN: 1099-131X
  • Kurek Bartosz, 2014, The Information Content of Equity Block Trades on the Warsaw Stock Exchange: An Estimation of Shares’ Returns with the Usage of Simple Linear Regression and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines, „Journal of Forecasting”, Vol. 33, Issue 6, pp. 433-454, print ISSN: 0277-6693, online ISSN: 1099-131X

André  Langenegger lic. oec. HSG, dipl. Hdl.

André Langenegger lic. oec. HSG, dipl. Hdl.

Member of Executive Board, Synorga AG, Switzerland, Lecturer for Banking and Economics, St.Galler Business School (SGBS)


Lecturer at the St. Galler Business School

Lecturer at the University of Applied Science, HTW Chur

Project Manager, Institute of Business Education and Educational Management, University of St.Gallen

Wealth Management Advisor, UBS

Credit Risk Management Advisor, UBS




Master of Arts HSG, University of St.Gallen

Certified Teacher for Business Education 

Certified Wealth Management Advisor

Certificate in Business Journalism




Ph.D. programme in Organization Studies and Cultural Theory, University of St.Gallen

Business Studies (finance, organisational studies and economics)

Richard Lucas MA

Richard Lucas MA

Supervisory Board, SKK, Unicard,, CEO of SKK, PMR, VP ISL


Richard Lucas,  Economics MA (Cantab) Entrepreneur (650 staff/10 companies)

E-mail richadlucas@richardlucas.com



Supervisory Board, SKK, Unicard,, CEO of SKK, PMR, VP ISL since 1991
Professional achievements 1 Ambassdor OMGKRK, 2  Global Entrepreneurship Week Poland,
3 Poczet (Nie)zwykłych Krakowian  4 Pro Memoria Medal from Government of Poland.

Business or scientific projects

Businesses Argos, Estimote, Everuptive, ISL, Love Krakow, PMR, SKK, Syndicate Room, Unicard, Zalamo, 
Non-Profit Founder TEDxKazimierz, Krakow Enterprise Mondays, Open Coffee Krakow

Corporate interactions Technologies from my companies support the world’s largest companies

100s of workshops and lectures at Companies. Universities Conferences


Economics MA  Cambridge University (UK)
JBS Ignite Course.



Interests (Entrepreneurs teaching Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Mindsets. TEDxKazimierz

Publications - An Introduction to Market Economics for Poland, Project Kazimierz podcast,  richardlucas.com blog

Dr Markus Muellner

Dr Markus Muellner

Managing Director, new spirit Institut AG, CH-Zollikon (Management Consulting on Leadership | Marketing & Sales | Self Management)

Leadership Lecturer, St. Gallen Business School / Switzerland and
Managing Director, new spirit Institute, Zürich / Switzerland


  • since 2001 in various leadership positions in consulting and medical device industry Swiss Leader Award 2008
  • Consulting and coaching projects: ABB, BASF, Bayer, Bosch, Gerresheimer, Grundfos, Henkel, Holcim, Prinovis, Sonova, etc.
  • since 2002 lecturere in various Executive MBA programs and MBA programs


Dr. oec (PhD in economics), University of St. Gallen / Switzerland


Interests: Leadership, Management, Emotional Intelligence, Key Account Management, Self Leadership


  • Belz/Müllner/Zupancic: Spitzenleistungen im Key Account Management – Das St. Galler KAM-Konzept, 3rd ed., 2015
  • Belz/Müllner/Zupancic: Excellence in Key Account Management, 2008 3rd ed., 2015
  • Müllner: Leistungen für International Key Accounts, 2002


Christian Muntwiler lic. oec. HSG

Christian Muntwiler lic. oec. HSG

Executive Director ISP and doctoral student, University of St. Gallen


  Christian Muntwiler, lic. oec. HSG

  Management Trainer & Consultant, St. Gallen Business School and

  SG Consulting & Management AG

  Executive Director ISP and doctoral student, University of St. Gallen




  Experienced Trainer and Consultant (more than 15 years of practical experience) with a demonstrated history of   working in the education management industry. Skilled in strategic & marketing management, train the trainer,   business development, strategic planning, and lecturing. Strong professional with a lic. oec. HSG focused in   media- & communication management from University of St. Gallen.



  lic. oec. HSG – University of St. Gallen



  Strategic management

  Marketing management

  Train the trainer

  Business development

  Strategic planning

  Cognitive biases in the facilitation of strategic episodes




Bartek Ostrowski

Bartek Ostrowski

UBS Head of Group Finance & Senior Delivery Head for EMEA-Poland, Vice-President & Treasurer at Harvard Club of Poland, Poland


Educated at Harvard Business School (Boston, MA) and Cambridge University (UK) with honors degrees in business and economics.


Prior to UBS worked in Merges and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory as Partner at Decius Equity, in Private Equity (PE) at Cooper Wallace in London/EMEA and as Director and Vice-President in Capital Markets&European Policy Advisory at Chatham Financial. Started career at Deutsche Bank in London within Global Corporate Banking.

prof. Michel  Poté

prof. Michel Poté

Independent Higher Education Consultant, France

10 years as consultant in the Higher Education sector
Previous experience: Dean of EM Normandie (1985-1995) and Dean of ESSCA (1995-2008) Research field: Intercultural studies
Corporate interactions: Consultant to the EFMD and many Business Schools in the world

Professeur Agrégé de l’Université

Publications: Author with chez Fernand Nathan,  Pergamon Press, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press

Piotr Sedlak Ph.D.

Piotr Sedlak Ph.D.

Dyrektor Krakowskiej Szkoły Biznesu UEK

Doktor nauk ekonomicznych w dyscyplinie zarządzanie Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie. Praca doktorska dotyczyła percepcji korzyści z pracy. Absolwent studiów podyplomowych: Zarządzanie Projektem Badawczym (UEK), Badania Społeczne i Marketingowe (WSE Kraków) oraz Praktyczna Psychologia Społeczna (SWPS Warszawa). Od 14 lat zajmuje się doradztwem biznesowym w ramach firmy Sedlak & Sedlak (www.sedlak.pl), gdzie pełni rolę partnera zarządzającego i kierownika projektów. Od 5 lat rozwija platformę badaniahr.pl pomagającą pracodawcom w ocenie satysfakcji i zaangażowania zespołu. Równocześnie od 2008 roku pracownik naukowy Katedry Zarządzania Międzynarodowego Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie. Autor wielu publikacji naukowych. Certyfikowany Project Manager (IPMA, IPMA R&D, PRINCE2, Agile PM). Członek Polskiego Towarzystwa Badaczy Rynku i Opinii oraz World at Work. Wielokrotnie nagrodzony przez Jego Magnificencję Rektora Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie za osiągnięcia w dziedzinie naukowej. Jego doktorat został nagrodzony wyróżnieniem. Doświadczenie dydaktyczne w obszarach takich jak: zarządzanie międzynarodowe, zarządzanie projektami, zarządzanie zmianą, analityka danych czy badania społeczne. Piotr Sedlak prowadził również gościnnie zajęcia na wielu uczelniach zagranicznych m.in. Montpellier Business School we Francji, Bern University w Szwajcarii, Kragujevac University w Serbii czy Bifrost University na Islandii. Od 2011 roku do chwili obecnej – organizator cyklu międzynarodowych konferencji dla polskich profesorów nauk Zarządzania. Wydarzenia te odbywały się m.in. w Hiszpanii, Rosji, Kazachstanie czy RPA.


Autor ponad 35 publikacji naukowych, w tym w prestiżowych czasopismach takich jak amerykańskie Journal of Labor Research czy Current Psychology oraz ponad 20 wypowiedzi eksperckich. Często obiecuje sobie, że będzie więcej pisał i zbierał więcej punktów, prywatnie jest jednak ojcem dwójki dzieci.

Prof. Ulrich  Winkler

Prof. Ulrich Winkler

Executive Education Expert, Leadership Coach, Strategy Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Director Custom Programs at THNK

Dr. Ulrich Winkler

  • Ph.D. in Economics (Frankfurt University, AACSB accredited)
  • Leadership and Strategy Consultant
  • Director Custom Programs at THNK, Amsterdam
  • Member MBA-Advisory Board, Mays Business School,Texas A&M
  • EPAS Peer Reviewer

Former roles (excerpt):

  • Executive Vice President EBS University
  • Vice Dean Education European Business School
  • Director Executive Education and Professor of Leadership Liverpool University
  • Strategy Consultant

Global experience (excerpt):

Indonesia (World Bank Project), China (teaching 6 months at Tongji), India, Cuba, UK, US, Spain (current residence)

Sebastian Wolf MD Dr. med., PHD

Sebastian Wolf MD Dr. med., PHD


Leadership Lecturer, St. Gallen Business School




since 2003 at SGBS

Leadership, Changemanagement, Career Development, Coaching

Corporate interactions f.e. with Allianz, BASF, BMW, Daimler, FujitsuSiemensComputers, Novartis, SAP, UBS,  Western Digital,… 



PHD, University of Heidelberg, Germany



Interests: Teaching, Coaching

dr Agnieszka Żur

dr Agnieszka Żur

Executive MBA Program Director, Cracow University of Economics, Poland

19 years, PhD in management (corporate entrepreneurship)
IMD (Luasanne), Chinese University of HK, Crossroads (NGO, HK), UEK

social entrepreneurship, teaching methodology, socially engaged teaching and learning, tutoring and mentoring.
Research fellow at Plymouth University
Author of numerous course programmes based on flipped classroom and social constructivist theory,
Guest lectures at Grand Valley State University (Grand Rapids, USA), Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, USA), Durham University, University of College London, Plymouth University and Luton University (Great Britain), Sodertorn University (Stockholm, Sweden), Executive MBA Program Supervisor (CSB CUE)



Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie
ul. Rakowicka 27, 31-510 Kraków

tel.: 12 293 55 61 Biuro studiów podyplomowych    
tel.: 12 293 75 53 Biuro studiów MBA
e-mail: ksb@uek.krakow.pl

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