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Business schools focus on developing professional leaders and teaching fundamental business concepts needed in the business world. The MBA CSB + Master Program CSB CUE, however, goes beyond that and offers potential academics a special set of leadership skills that are extremely valuable in the global marketplace.

The international atmosphere and assortment of both theoretical and practical exercises provide an opportunity to study with individuals from cross boarder cultures, delve into elaborate group discussions and debates that test the boundaries of one’s own reasoning and point of view, and be a part of a team that will both support and question your beliefs all in an effort to develop the very best trained and successful professionals.

The MBA CSB + Master Program in Cracow, in cooperation Clark University in Worcester, MA,  offers a challenging educational curriculum where skills such as communication and time management are essential, but also offers an environment where friendships emerge and relationships are built opening the doors for future networking and long term partnerships. For anyone willing to devote the time and looking to gain well earned knowledge, this program can be your gateway to greatness.


  Katarzyna Nędza, MBA
Representative of MBA CSB + Master Program, 1st edition
Senior Risk & Compliance Specialist CAPITA



Considering the diversified approach of diverse groups of students to the human capital management aspect in contemporary organizations, I may note that the approach of MBA students to a significant extent differs from other groups.

This difference is the fact that MBA students, with greater attention and commitment, develop their knowledge with regard to management of this valuable capital.

In my opinion this is due to the fact that professional experience, with which MBA students undertake the studies, allows them to see the strategic nature of human capital, and thus they aim to develop their knowledge and skills in this respect in order to ensure potential competitiveness of organizations in which they perform managerial functions.


  Beata Buchelt, Ph.D.
Lecturer of MBA CSB + Master Program


Marcin Łokaj, MBA
Alumnus of the 1st edition of MBA CSB + Master Program
Owner of m2-Broker – Salon Sprzedaży i Wynajmu nieruchomości/Real Estate Broker


Łukasz Stefanik
Student of the 3rd edition MBA CSB + Master Program
Manager IT, Capgemini Polska Sp. z o.o.


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