Wizyta studentów MBA z University of Johannesburg

Zobacz podsumowanie wizyty najlepszych studentów MBA z University of Johannesburg w Krakowskiej Szkole Biznesu UEK podczas International MBA Week.

Join Strategy-Week Boston 2017/2018

Cracow School of Business CUE along with Swiss partner – St. Gallen Business School with great pleasure would like to invite our students and alumni to participate in Strategy Week Boston.

This intense strategy course in English is designed for executives with basic knowledge and experience in strategic management. It introduces most recent knowledge and strategic concepts using examples of strategy implementation in leading global corporations.

Join St. Gallen Management Seminar 12–14th of April 2018

Join St. Gallen Management Seminar 12–14th of April 2018 with our trainers: lic. rer. pol. Daniel Gfeller and Christian Muntwiler, M. A., HSG.

The sought-after trainers from St. Gallen Business School are highly skilled specialists in development and implementation of strategies and concepts – Christian Muntwiler, M. A. HSG and Daniel Gfeller, lic. rer. pol.
Beside management consulting activities they are active as fixed-term managers for international companies.


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